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Join a network dedicated to improving access to COVID-19 viral and antibody testing nationwide.

We recognize that many in the healthcare field have been working with organizations to provide COVID-19 related screening services, but don’t yet have a partner for full lab testing. COVIDence™ can support and expand the work you’re already doing with companies, with complete testing capabilities and reliable, rapid results delivery.

Learn how our platform supports nurses & allied healthcare professionals:

  • Trust in Us

    Trust in Us

    COVIDence is already used and trusted by leading organizations across the U.S. so you can confidently refer us to the workplaces you’re providing COVID-19 screening support to – giving them access to PCR-based viral testing and antibody testing to enhance their view of employee safety.

    BioAgilytix is a laboratory leader with a long history of delivering accurate results that offers an intuitive platform for efficient digital report delivery. You can be confident that employers will get results they can count on in a timely manner to take action quickly.

    Trust in Us
  • Join a Premier Network

    Join a Premier Network

    Nurses, phlebotomists, and other allied HCPs have the opportunity to join COVIDence’s network of healthcare professionals across the U.S., all working together to improve access to COVID-19 testing resources for employers.

    If employers in your area request COVIDence services, we’ll tap you to provide support for the on-site sample collection portion of the program.

    Join a Premier Network
  • Onboard Quickly

    Onboard Quickly

    COVIDence is an easy-to-implement program for everyone – employers, employees, and those helping to execute the service. If you request service for an employer, we’ll work with speed to get the resources you need deployed to their site.

    If you’re interesting in joining the COVIDence network of allied health professionals, we offer a rapid onboarding process so you can quickly begin helping organizations in your area readily implement safe, reliable COVID-19 employee testing to keep their teams safe at work.

    Onboard Quickly

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