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Coordinating the complexity out of COVID-19 employee testing.

COVIDence™ handles all aspects related to the logistics and execution of COVID-19 workforce testing, making it easy for operational teams like yours to keep business on track while keeping employees safe. Our experts provide advisement throughout the process and on an ongoing basis to ensure program delivery is tailored to your organization’s unique workplace dynamics, timing needs, and state-specific regulations.

Let’s step through the process of how we’ll support your logistics department:

  • Getting Started

    Getting Started

    We realize that the coordination of employee testing can seem like a daunting challenge, and we are here to make the process smooth, simple, and tailored to your needs. When you first order tests, we’ll host an onboarding video call to step you through what to expect at each step. We’ll help you define the optimal timing, frequency, type, and volume testing based on your employee population, location, workplace size, and other factors.

    We’ll also guide you on how to meet applicable compliance requirements, which vary by locale. The regulations surrounding COVID-19 diagnostics are fast-moving, and we’re committed to staying ahead of them for you. You can learn more about the regulations our program adheres to and how we provide compliance oversight here.

    Getting Started
  • The Testing Process

    The Testing Process

    We take on all the operational complexity required to execute your full COVID-19 testing strategy, and provide access to a dedicated service team to support you through the process.

    Our program can deliver self-collection kits to your workplace and engages licensed healthcare professionals to perform on-site sample collection if needed. These medical supervision partners can be deployed with immediacy where needed, and are able to requisition tests – meaning your employees will not require a separate prescription ahead of collection. We’ll also help you define an optimal schedule for ongoing testing and coordinate on-site collections each time.

    We provide all materials and pre-labeled, postage paid mailers needed to ship samples our testing lab. COVIDence is designed to make it easy for employees and logistics teams to engage in testing.

    The Testing Process
  • Reporting Results

    Reporting Results

    COVID-19 testing must be timely to be effective, and our priority is to deliver rapid, reliable results. Within 24-48 hours of sample receipt, you will be able to view results reports through our secure, HIPPA-compliant portal.

    COVIDence uses a 100% digital workflow to further reduce your operational burden. Through the online dashboard, reports can be views at both the individual and team level, by test and with custom segmenting.

    All results are also automatically reported to the appropriate public health authorities as required by law.

    Reporting Results
  • Navigating Next Steps

    Navigating Next Steps

    Armed with reliable testing data, your leadership team can make informed, confident decisions to minimize COVID-19 risk exposure – from how to bring employees back to work to protecting workforce safety on an ongoing basis.

    You can use this data to optimally coordinate operational aspects like staggering shifts, shoring up your PPE plan, and more. Our teams are here to help you navigate today’s workforce safety concerns every step of the way.

    Navigating Next Steps

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