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Helping you protect your teams while protecting their privacy.

Through COVIDence™, we help HR teams help their business take a proactive role in preventing potential COVID-19 spread while remaining fully compliant with applicable federal, state, and FDA laws on testing supervision, results reporting compliance, and individual privacy. We also provide you tools to engage employees so they feel comfortable and confident to participate in your testing program.

Let’s step through the process of how we’ll support your HR department:

  • Getting Started

    Getting Started

    When you first order tests, we’ll host an onboarding video call to help you fully define the right testing strategy and step you through what to expect at each step. Importantly, we provide you with the tools to clearly communicate your testing process and its value to your team.

    We’ll also guide you on how to meet applicable compliance requirements, which vary by locale. The regulations surrounding COVID-19 diagnostics are fast-moving, and we’re committed to staying ahead of them for you. You can learn more about the privacy laws and regulations our program adheres to and how we provide compliance oversight here.

    Getting Started
  • The Testing Experience

    The Testing Experience

    We take on all the operational complexity and logistics required to execute your full COVID-19 testing strategy. This includes delivering self-collection kits to your workplace or deploying qualified healthcare professionals to perform on-site sample collection. We provide all materials and instructions to collect samples and easily ship them back – in pre-labeled, postage paid mailers – to our testing lab. The collection process is quick and easy for both employees and for HR.

    Plus, you’ll always have access to a service team dedicated to your account, where you can direct questions or coordinate scheduling updates.

    The Testing Experience
  • Reporting Results

    Reporting Results

    Just like you, privacy and results reliability are top-of-mind for us. All lab results are confirmed by a licensed health professional and employees will be alerted via text when their results are available for viewing through our secure, HIPAA-compliant online portal. If an employee tests positive for active COVID-19 infection, they will receive a call from the health professional to discuss next steps.

    You will receive aggregate-level team testing data through our secure online dashboard. We provide employee data release waivers so users can authorize release of their individual test results data to you. The reporting process is made clear to employees to build trust that their privacy will be protected.

    Reporting Results
  • Navigating Next Steps

    Navigating Next Steps

    Armed with reliable testing data, your HR team can make informed, confident decisions on how to bring teams back to work and responsibly minimize their COVID-19 exposure risk on an ongoing basis. We’re here to help you navigate today’s workforce safety concerns, from how to respond to known positive emergencies to proactively strengthening your protection strategy with optimal employee buy-in.

    Navigating Next Steps

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