Complete COVID-19 Workforce Testing

A BioAgilytix Labs Solution

Have confidence in a program proven to deliver accurate results within 24-48 hours!

Make confident decisions to lower COVID-19 exposure risk.

Be confident your teams are safe at work.

Why COVIDence?
Rapid & Reliable Testing. Confidence in Results.

One-Stop Solution

From sample collection to expert testing to reporting logistics

Rapid to Action

With fast deployment & results in 24-48 hours of sample receipt

Trusted Results

Samples are processed in a certified diagnostic lab

Paperless Workflow

Our 100% ‘digital flow’ reduces operational burden

Data-Driven Guidance

Gain insight into where your exposures are & how to lower risk

Customized for You

We optimize the program to your workplace dynamics

End-to-End Employee Testing Customized to Your Business

BioAgilytix, a best-in-class diagnostic testing lab, brings you COVIDence – a complete solution for return-to-work and ongoing employee safety screening. Our program is helping employers across the U.S. identify and mitigate COVID-19 infection risks via:

PCR-Based Viral Testing

To identify active infections

Using nasal or nasopharyngeal swabs, this test can diagnose if an individual has the virus, even if they have not shown symptoms.

Antibody Testing

To understand exposure

Using drawn blood samples, this test identifies individuals that have developed an immune response to COVID-19, indicating prior infection.

Our comprehensive and rapidly deployable program provides:

Icon Onsite Sample Collection

Self-collection kits and/or collection by qualified nurses

Deployed when & where you need them.

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Icon Clia Certified

Sample testing in a CLIA-certified lab

With a 20-year+ track record delivering reliable, accurate results.

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Icon 24 48 Hour Results

Results delivered within 24-48 hours

Following sample receipt, with 100% digital reporting.

Icon Expert Guidance

Expert guidance at every step

From advising you on the best testing strategy based on your goals and objectives to educating your team on how to optimize employee participation in testing.

How the Service Works

Whether you’re reacting to emergencies involving known positives or are proactively preparing for your workforce’s safe return to working together, we tailor COVIDence’s proven deployment methodologies to your unique business realities – location, staff size, workplace dynamics, etc. – to meet your demands.

  • Request Service


    Request Service

    Use our Service Request form and we will respond within 12 hours to confirm your needs, helping you determine the right volume and frequency of testing and how testing will be conducted and timed.

  • Sample Collection


    Sample Collection

    In line with the medical supervision requirements of your state, we will deliver self-collection kits to your workplace or deploy qualified nurses to collect samples from your employees on-site.

    Note that our service is designed so that our medical supervision partners can requisition tests, meaning your employees will not require a separate prescription ahead of collection.

  • Ship Samples to BioAgilytix


    Ship Samples to BioAgilytix

    We provide shipping materials, including pre-labeled, postage paid mailers, for you to easily send collected samples to BioAgilytix’s lab for analysis.

  • Samples are Tested


    Samples are Tested

    BioAgilytix uses the FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)-approved PCR test for viral testing and the Roche antibody test, which has specificity greater than 99.8% and sensitivity of 100%.

    A leader in specialized diagnostic testing, this lab has a long history delivering trusted and accurate test results – so you can be confident in the data you are using to make business and  employee safety decisions.

  • Get Results Online


    Get Results Online

    COVIDence delivers results within 24-48 hours of sample receipt utilizing a 100% digital workflow. Results are simple to access through our HIPAA-compliant portal, and you can view reports at both the individual and team level.

    That’s the real value of COVIDence: the confidence gained from having organized, actionable data to mitigate COVID-19 exposure risk.

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The testing journey is different for everyone. You’ve never faced a need like this before, so lean on our expertise to make the best decisions for your team and your business.


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Nurses & Allied Health Professionals

How can COVIDence support the work I’m doing with companies already?

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Are you making the best decisions to protect your employees from COVID-19 in the workplace?

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